About Me

My name is Chris Miller and I own Chris Miller Studios, and you have stumbled upon my ever changing online portfolio, this is where I post various projects, experiments, everyday photos, and occasionally some of the photos I take for clients. You can contact me one of two ways, use the contact form at the studio (external link) or you can email me directly hllocmllr {at} gmail.com.

I’ve been taking photos since 1987 and I’ve had this website in one shape or another since 1999, over the years photos have come and gone. I generally only keep about a two years history here, the great database crash of November 2013 widdled that down but I’ve been here for a while.

Thanks for stopping by.

copyright – all images copyright chris miller unless otherwise noted.
In other words please don’t steal my work…it may not look like it but I do work hard. If you are interested in using one of my photos just ask and in the tiny, tiniest font give me a credit line and a link back.

Karma knows no boundaries and stealing digital or otherwise is wrong.