Almost a year.

Its been almost a year since my last post. A busy year. A crazy year. But a year that found me wanting to blog – just unwilling to take the time. The job is always busy for different reasons, I have gone back to school to work on my Masters degree, Abi is preparing for High School (how did THAT happen?!) and Chris is expanding his creativity with fun projects. We are about a year out from learning whether we will stay here in DC or head back to NH, and I try not to stress about that too much – the pros outweigh the cons with every outcome, so it is easy to take comfort in the fact that, either way, we will be together and make the best of it!

I have found in that year that straying too far from my centering practices – exercise, yoga, meditation, etc – has almost immediate consequences, and I have to focus to ensure I don’t stray too far too often. So I take this moment to remind you…… doesn’t matter what your religion is, what your passion is, but you have to find it and let it be your driving force to be the best you each and every day.


“There are techniques of Buddhism, such as meditation, that anyone can adopt.”
~Dalai Lama