If only.

Does anyone else feel lately as though the universe is trying her best to send us a message that it is time to do SOMETHING about gun control? I fear that after the NRA worked so hard to “normalize” the slaying of CHILDREN after Sandy Hook, that there may be nothing that can be done to make some positive change. But we have to try – right?

The NRA spends MILLIONS of dollars every year to taint our representatives inside the capital and to brain wash their supporters and convince them that every American having numerous weapons is the safest way to live – to defend ourselves, our country, and all sorts of nonsense. They push hard to convince those people that ANY change to our laws should be viewed as “they’re coming to take our guns away”. They also convince their followers to say things like “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” and “I fire my weapon at a range to ensure I know how to use it properly”. What they forget to mention is that NOT EVERYONE who buys a gun is a responsible gun owner. In fact, maybe we could increase that particular sect if we implemented background checks, registration, etc. evenly throughout the country. No more buying numerous guns at various trade shows………so many possibilities that can be explored to try to make this a safer place for all of us to live. If only we could just get people on both sides to talk and to listen to one another.

This will be a hard fought battle – because the more political the NRA becomes, the more money they have to continue to brainwash these people – and to buy the complacency of our representation in the senate and congress. But surely at this point we can agree that SOMETHING must be done. Maybe hunters don’t need assault weapons? Maybe a thorough background check will stop a few sales to killers? Maybe a limit on the number of guns that one person/family should own? Yeah, I actually heard an audible gasp on that one – less than 4% of the American population owns more than half of the guns throughout the country – even though there are almost enough guns in this country for each of the 315M people to have one. That is shocking. And doesn’t make anyone safer. If only we could just get people on both sides to talk and to listen to one another.

If only.


“It’s not a gun control problem; it’s a cultural control problem.”
~Bob Barr