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I like to think of myself as always learning. Though I hope not to get the urge to formally go back to school again (sounds fun……until you find yourself juggling school, work, and home life and finals come along!), I do try to find other ways of continuing to learn. One of those ways in 2017 was an increase in the number of podcasts I listen to. I have always enjoyed podcasts, as they are a great addition to my massive library of audiobooks and help make long commutes a bit more manageable. 2017 was a rough year – if you weren’t upset by some of the things that happened in our country last year, then you simply weren’t paying attention. My two favorites to help me learn are listed below if you are looking to add to your repertoire:

Code Switch plays in to something I have been working to make better about myself anyway…….implicit and confirmation bias. I first heard about these biases a couple of years ago, and the basic run down is – we all have a belief system already in place (about people, politics, etc) and then seek to find information that proves what we think about an issue and ignore that information which does not fit in to our beliefs. There is so much great reading that can be done on this topic (just search for “implicit bias confirmation bias” and glance at the types of information on that first page), but this podcast is there to help you change some of those beliefs – if you are willing and able to listen with an open mind (fair warning – that is the downfall to any attempted change to your confirmation bias – if you can’t listen with an open mind, you are not yet ready to try to change those beliefs). They also do some amazing Q&A for those who may not be as “hip” to other cultures as they should be.

Code Switch

The next one comes with a warning – it is VERY left leaning. Run by staff members from the Obama administration (yes, GASP, at least a few who made it this far are now closing this page!), but is helpful for those who, like myself, have never been involved in (or paid attention to) politics, but find that the past year has made them want to do something to at LEAST prevent things from getting worse, but would like to help make our country better.

Pod Save America

Are you ready?


“I think unconscious bias is one of the hardest things to get at.”
~Ruth Bader Ginsburg