We have had some seriously crazy times in the past month! A new job with a big move should have been enough, but the universe tossed us a couple of extra bumps to test our resolve. From the historical blizzard that suddenly decided to hit on the day we were supposed to head out, to my complete inability to work at work, it has been tons of fun! I won’t even go in to our biggest hurdle though, as Platy did a lovely job of going over that on his site.

But, here we are. Platy is on the mend, though often frustrated by the limitations imposed by having one usable arm/hand during our unpacking and settling in phase; I am still unable to fully work at work because I am locked out of the network, but I had a glimpse for a short while and am making due; and Abi is loving her new school. I can’t tell you what a relief that last piece is – she has been my main concern this entire time, and from the first day, she has been thrilled with her new school – thank goodness!!

We miss our friends, we miss living on the river and our fireplace, but I think we are going to be all-right. :)


-”The difficulties of life are intended to make us better, not bitter.” ~Author Unknown

-”If you break your neck, if you have nothing to eat, if your house is on fire, then you got a problem. Everything else is inconvenience.” ~Robert Fulghum

It’s on now….

We are now living in a hotel awaiting the next step in our adventure. Crazy how fast time has gone since we got the main detail finalized – “when do I start?”. Honestly, once we had that answer, it was like the blink of an eye and here we are. Our stuff is on its way, and we will soon follow – wow. :)
It hits us all in different ways at different times, and this past week it has hit me a lot in concern for the little one. I know deep down that we will all be ok, but the little realizations – no more hugs from our good friends, a whole new start for each of us, and on and on……have been a bit overwhelming this week. I am thankful we have had such a wonderful time here, and look forward to our new adventure.
Side note – just found out last night too that after 8 years of living over an hour from the nearest zoo – we will live near one that we can go to for free all the time……how exciting is THAT?!


Life Lessons

I could go on and on this time. We are all starting to freak out in our own ways about the impending move, and are lucky enough to have one another to share these fears with and help each other be better prepared. So I could go on and on about us and our “lately”, but I found something better to ramble about today. Lucky you. :)
Every so often, one of my friends will remind me in one way or another (facebook, email, etc) about Regina Brett and her ingenious list of Life Lessons that she originally printed in her column back in May 2006. Every time I see the list, a different lesson sticks with me at that moment. Today it was lesson #40 – “If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s, we’d grab ours back.” Such a valuable lesson, and so very true to the way things truly are in our world. I use this same type of mantra whenever I am having a tough time with anything – 90% of the time or more, remembering that you have it better than a ridiculous amount of people globally, is enough to kick you in the behind and help you reset your attitude, and we should all take that time to reflect when we are feeling down and out.
As I wrote this however, I would be remiss if I didn’t take it that small step further. As I said – reflection on your life and the realization that your problems are generally much smaller than many of those around you works MOST of the time. There will be times where that doesn’t work though, and those tend to be the times that you need some help. Whether a night with a good friend to talk things over, or even seeking help from a stranger through counseling – sometimes you need that extra bit of assistance to help you through, and you should never be ashamed to do so.
In my opinion, most of the time, reflection on how wonderful your life really is will help you refocus your energy and find your happiness. If it isn’t doing so though, don’t allow your guilt over it not working hold you back from getting help when you need it.



It’s official – we have all the paperwork, and we are on our way – in just a few short weeks. Insane. Excited. Scared. Stressed. Just a few of my immediate thoughts about the whole process. I know we will have a ton of fun, I know I am going to learn a lot, and I know that this is going to be amazing. The toughest part will be the transition in the next few months. The kid has to switch schools and leave behind her friends (sure, not in the same way we left friends as kids – where your only options were snail mail and phone calls!), and though she is excited about the move 90% of the time, that 10% that she is upset about leaving her friends is absolutely heart wrenching. When I see her cry, and know that she feels that way because of me, it is quite tough to handle. As I said, I know she will make it through, and that the things she will see and do during this time will be priceless – but that doesn’t make it feel any better as we all prepare to embark on this journey. We’ve scheduled the movers, we’ve scheduled the hotels on both sides, we are about as prepared as we can be at this stage. Whew.



I hate leaving my family when I travel for work. Even when I’ll only be a Skype away, I still find it so tough. And it’s one of those things that never seems to get any easier. But lately, I’ve come to understand the “why” a little better, so I try to just take it in stride.

It hurts to leave my family because they are so amazing. If they were less awesome, or overall we were just less compatible, then it would would be simple to leave and might become easier to do. But I am lucky enough to want to be with my family every chance that I get – so I’ll take the heartache when I go away in exchange for the overwhelming joy of that journey home. That sorrow as I leave eventually becomes the excited count down to head home, and for being so lucky, I could not be more grateful! So though I don’t post here or in my social media venues each day during the month of “thanks” as many of my friends do, know that it is because y’all’d get bored pretty quickly, as everything I am thankful for comes back to my wonderful family. :)

Be thankful.


-”Keep your eyes open to your mercies. The man who forgets to be thankful has falled asleep in life.” Robert Louis Stevenson


No, not the artist, whose new album has blared in my car a time or two recently. But the cause that we all think of when we see the color, especially during the month of October. I have participated in many charity walks, runs, bake sales, etc in my life, but none that felt quite like it did this weekend at the Making Strides Breast Cancer walk in Concord. I have written a bit about B, A, and I here in the past, but was honored on Sunday to walk with them in commemoration of their beloved Steph. The event tore at my heart in a way that it never could have before, and I was so proud to have my family join me (where Platy was able to capture some amazing photos). It was chilly and rainy, but the overwhelming support that turned out for this family (and the many others who have been affected by this monstrous disease) was heartwarming. I hope that they continue to receive the support that they need as they move forward in this new life.


I have been so crazy busy at work lately that I get to the end of the day and wonder “did I get anything done I set out to do?”! Working toward a move that will bring many changes in my personal and professional lives is stressful enough, but we are one of those workplaces where if you do something well, you are asked to do more (see quote below!) and I get asked to do things all the time – and lately I feel like I am n the middle of a project and handed two more. Oh well, I am glad to have a job and such a beautiful family, who are so wonderfully supportive. :)


“If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it. The more things you do, the more you can do.”
-Lucille Ball


Well, I wasn’t sure what to write about tonight, so I started looking at quotes that contained “tired” because I am quite sleepy at the moment. This quote simply made me giggle because my father used to tell me often “I hope that one day you have a daughter who talks as much as you do”, and boy did he get his wish! Poor Platy has two lovely ladies who, on occasion, have a complete inability to stop the movement of their tongue. In fact, the more tired we are, the faster we talk – like we have to be talking to breathe. Funny – but only in retrospect, not always so funny at the time. :)


-”All parts of the human body get tired eventually – except the tongue.”
-Konrad Adenauer


Funny how my mind works….. I found out recently that I got a job I had applied for and interviewed for throughout the summer, and now the questions start….. I am a planner. I like plans, I like to know when/how things are going to happen, and I like answers to my questions. But for now, I have none of those. I have a ‘yes’ to the question of “Is this going to happen?”, but that is all. No when. No how. No big answers, just big questions.

For the most part, that is ok – we get by on the excitement of moving and a whole new adventure. Its the middle of the night “What about….” scenarios a few times a week that I try to keep at bay. Sigh…..but YAY, our adventure is going to begin at some point this Fall. :)



I am one of those lame people who loves to go to the beach, but maybe not so much get in the water….. A chair, umbrella and a book, or even just a nice long walk are all made that much better with the beauty of the waves and the symphony of their crashing on the sand. Today I had the chance to go to the ocean and watch my lovely family enjoy the water while sitting on the beach contemplating. Suddenly, during that contemplation, I was hit with a wave (pardon the pun) of such indescribable sadness that it actually took my breath away. Just a few short weeks ago, I was talking to someone who said that one of his wife’s dying wishes was to see the ocean one last time. Unfortunately, they were never able to get her pain under control enough for her to make that trip to the coast. I hate that such a wonderful young woman was taken from her family in such a painful and agonizing way. I hate that she had to have a bucket list at all. And more importantly, I hate that she wanted something so simple, but was unable to have it. So, as I sat there today, thinking of S., I hope that where-ever she is now, whatever there is beyond this life, that she is able to experience the peacefulness of the ocean anytime she pleases.


-”At the beach, life is different. Time doesn’t move hour to hour but mood to moment. We live by the currents, plan by the tides, and follow the sun.”