New Mexico

Last year at this time we were preparing to depart Virginia and return to New Hampshire, we were returning after a 3 1/2 year absence – we enjoyed our time in Virginia and the road back to New Hampshire was one that well, let’s just say that it has been one very interesting year.

We did return to New Hampshire, we even bought a house – even before moving back it felt different than any move had before (and I’ve moved more than a few times) – it was like New Hampshire was fighting us. Hiccup after hiccup, in retrospect it was all a sign…a sign we wouldn’t be there long. In the time we lived in Virginia New Hampshire changed – granted it wasn’t just New Hampshire, we changed as well – we all evolved, that said we were ready to slow life back down a little.

As with all good stories in life – it was not an easy transition, I’m not complaining in the least, it has made us not only a stronger couple but a stronger family.

What was an unexpected twist in the story of returning to New Hampshire, besides the (and I am not joking) seven plus months of winter and grey skies (seriously, no kidding) was the opportunity the Christina was presented with…another move. A promotion. And an new challenge. One that excited her and that she would have kicked herself if she passed up…which brings us to New Mexico.

When your dream job comes knocking you answer the door and if it means packing everything up and moving cross country so you can stop what you are doing at work and say, “I can’t believe this is my job”, that is her current situation – she got a position overseeing the safety of nine national parks/monuments in the greater Santa Fe/Albuquerque area.

She traveled there in April, Abi followed after school was done for the summer and I stayed behind to pack up the house, deal with the movers (WHAT A STORY THAT IS), and then man and his dog set out on the 2,145 mile road trip. A quick stop in Michigan to visit family and then we pointed the Fiat down Route 66, yes I know the the old Route is no longer a thing but her sprint lives on starting just outside of Chicago. Along the way the pooch and I visited the ‘Historic 66’ – in tiny towns, small stretches of road and it was nice. We met other travelers who were happy to give a wave, ask where you were headed or just smile.

Gone were the grey skies of New Hampshire, the eighty percent humidity – they gave way to the green of the northeast, the familiar sights of my home state, the tightly packed towns and cities, the plains with their never ending blue skies. The continuing on, getting closer and closer to my girls. Texas. I lived in Texas for 3 years and it wasn’t until I crossed into The Lone Star State that I remembered just how much I enjoyed it. I met Christina in Texas (almost 20 years ago) – I spent many hours on my bikes in Texas and all of that came flooding back – smelling the dry air…it is amazing how standing outside in the bright sun and ninety plus degrees feels nothing like the two ninety degree days I had left just a few days earlier…the air wasn’t stifling.

An overnight stop a mere 285 miles from my final stop in Amarillo – unfortunately I did not get to attempt the 72oz free steak at the Big Texan, I’ll attempt that if my friend Ed ever comes for a visit.

Back in the car for the final stretch, five days after beginning the journey we saw the big yellow sign for our new state, ‘Welcome to New Mexico’ – the plains had lead me to the high desert and her mountains. Here I sit now, typing this 2,145 miles later 4,641 feet higher in a city I’d never been to before but it doesn’t feel strange, it feels like home.

If you ever find yourself in the greater Albuquerque metro area give me a shout out, I’ve already dissevered some really great coffeehouses and I have yet to have a bad meal – green chile makes everything just a bit better.

Thanks for stopping by.