8 February 2018
Life in ABQ is turning out to be a great move for the clan – not much in the way of news to report. Both my ladies are doing well and enjoying themselves (one of them as much as a teenager can while juggling school, figuring out what she wants to do after she graduates, and learning to drive).

Thanks for stopping by. Namaste. ॐ

25 September 2017
WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING?!?!? The answer, A LOT! Since our last update I can say what that upcoming life change was…we moved, again. What happens when your wife gets offered the job of a lifetime but requires a big move and a huge leap of faith? If you are us you embrace it, you grab each other’s hands and you jump.

You hope your teenage daughter doesn’t end up despising you and guess what? She loves the move as much as we do.

Long story short, Christina got offered a position with the National Park Service as the Zone Safety Manager for 10 (yep, you read that right TEN) NPS locations in New Mexico and saying that the saying ‘Happy Wife, Happy Life’ is accurate is a huge understatement. The days of loathing going to work have been replaced with daily, ‘I can’t believe this is my job’.

Since April we packed up and individually made our way to New Mexico. Christina started in May out here, Abi followed the Monday after school got out for the summer in New Hampshire, and Portia & I stayed in New Hampshire to handle all of the “fun stuff”, movers, etc. Saying it was stressful would be a massive understatement but hearing not only Christina but also Abi talk about how they were enjoying New Mexico made it easier. Man and his dog set out along the road trip to our new home, following Old Route 66 as much as we could.

Last year at this time we were unpacking boxes from the move from Virginia back to New Hampshire only to do it again less than 12 months later, as I sit on this side of this wild year I can say without hesitation that it was all worth it.

If you ever find yourself in the Greater Albuquerque Area send me a message.

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2 April 2017
My delay in updating this time is warranted…what a wild last few months and it isn’t even over yet. Two reasons for the lack of update, 1) winter in New England sucks the creativity right out of you. During our time in Virginia I completely forgot how draining winter was here. Reason 2) can’t be completely divulged yet but I can say that we are doing recon for an upcoming life change.

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12 January 2017
I can’t believe it has been so long since I have updated, what a wild ride indeed. Being back in New Hampshire is bittersweet, we miss Virginia and all it had to offer but sitting here in New Hampshire feels like being home again. New home, new school, new adventures waiting to be had…when it warms up a bit because right now winter is here in full force…bitter cold days where the sun deceives you, ‘look how bright and inviting I am’ and you fall for it walking outside where a blast of arctic air catches you by surprise as it cuts right through you – nicely played sun, nicely played.

Live Free or Die. Namaste. ॐ

7 July 2016
The journey back has started and boy is it already a wild ride. Buying a home is tough, buying a home from 500 miles away is a tad tougher. C traveled back to NH and visited a record number of potential candidates and we think we have found one and now the hurry up and wait game is afoot. Luckily for us hurry up and wait is something that we have been completely immersed in since the day we got married because as anyone in the military can attest to it is our way of life.

Onward and Upwards. Namaste. ॐ

June 2016
Back to New England. The clan and I have begun our journey back to The Granite State and I would be lying if I said that all of us were not more than a little excited.

We have enjoyed our time in Metro DC immensely but we are certainly ready to slow life back down. Boxes to pack, garage sales to have and a 500 mile journey.

Namaste. ॐ

March 2016
What a blur the first three months of 2016 have been. I have been spending a lot of time behind the scenes processing photos for clients and I have finally gotten around to reimagining some of my favorite photos that I have taken over the years as well as been experimenting with a few different things (read: having a blast with my camera). The next three months, in addition to preparing for the upcoming move, will be spent repopulating and adding to the content of

Not sure if the next entry will be north of Metro DC or south of here – both are equally possible – perhaps it will be done here and I will know if the autumn news update will be surrounded by colorful kaleidoscope that is New England or if I’ll be buying sunscreen in bulk…who knows – either way the clan is excited and eager to begin another fun chapter.

As always – thank you for stopping by and namaste. ॐ

2015 ends, 2016 begins
It would appear that I have had a rather spotty history of updating both the news section and the photo section of this little piece of the web in 2015 – not because I haven’t been doing anything but rather the opposite. I think I will set a goal for this year of updating the news section every quarter (three months) and posting more photos.

2016 will by all accounts be a busy year for us – this is the year that we prepare for what may be our departure from Metro DC. We have mixed feelings about this and about where we may end up next – the time table isn’t even set in stone. 2016, for us, will be the year of flexibility…can’t really talk much about it right now but one thing is for certain; 2016 could prove to be a very interesting year for us.

If you are here and have read this far, namaste and thanks for stopping by. ॐ

Summer seems to have happened and we were insanely busy. Lots of work and play.


02.02.2015 • My 2015
It is obvious that I have gone a long while without even updating this site, not because I haven’t been photographing but because I’ve been doing projects I’m not sure I want to share.

Sounds funny – a photographer who doesn’t like sharing what they are working on but I view photography as my escape. I also have a problem, the more that I look at a shot the more I see things I would have done differently. That said, I love projects and 2015 is going to be a year of projects.

Life in Metro DC • Random snapshots of people just living.

Still Life • I have a whole series of things I want to shoot with my daughter this year and help her understand lighting and framing of shots.

My Wife • This year will have a fair amount of the hippiechic, whether I get the permission to share those or not is something we will have to wait and see.

My Daughter • Abi has asked me about doing a couple of photoshoots with her at or near some of her favorite monuments so she can have memories of those places.

Big list and most of these are still in the planning stages but it won’t be hard to share more than I did last year.

Thanks for stopping by.

01.27.15 • Been a long time…

I have gone quite the long while since updating this portion (and uploading photos) and for good reason, we have been busy – I’ve been taking photos but have scaled back on sharing…stay tuned.

Thanks for stopping by.

11.12.13 • Recovery Day One

Yesterday the database for this site decided that it had gone on long enough and it died, you will be missed database 123654713712.05a. So, just like Doctor Who my site must evolve into its next self, like a phoenix rising from the ashes I bestow unto the world the eighteenth revision of this site, since 1999 has existed, back in the early days it was known as but here it is…it got knocked down, it got up again.

I am not one to go through life not seeing irony or learning lessons – ladies and gentlemen, I, the man who encourages people to continually make back-ups of files and databases they deem important, did not have a recent back-up, d’oh!