The Meatball

I was thinking about the Udvar-Hazy Annex of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum and the great memories we had there – like many boys growing up becoming an astronaut was pretty much above becoming a cowboy for me. The NASA meatball logo has long been one of my favorite logos. Seen here on the Discovery Orbiter (left side). I remember walking in and seeing it for the first time and feeling a sense of amazement and the little kid in me saying ‘WOW!’…our time in Metro DC is filled with memories and experiences, I don’t know that I could rank seeing Discovery below any of them.

Pinhole Portia


Autumn Reflection




Back in New Hampshire


What a wild ride the last 64 days have been. Since my last post, taken at Great Falls, VA we bought a house, moved from Virginia to New Hampshire, began unpacking what seems to be an unending supply of boxes prompting ‘did we really need to keep this?’ and dropped a smiling purple haired girl off for her first day of 10th grade.

Our time in Metro DC was filled with adventures and fond memories but it feels good to back in The Granite State.

The Rock Princess