ABQ Breakfast Burritos

Since moving to Albuquerque during the summer of 2017 I quickly found that not all breakfast burritos are the same and that finding a ranking of the best breakfast burrito is highly subjective with no real reasoning for the ratings – there is a chain here that touts ‘the best breakfast burritos in town’, they are not – a breakfast burrito should never, ever have american cheese…never. And that is coming from a gringo.

I will update this page with rankings and provide photos and in depth reviews as I eat my way through ABQ…


Slow Roasted Bocadillos – this is my current five star and what I measure ABQ breakfast burritos by. It has everything, perfect hand size, perfect weight, perfect ratios of ingredients.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I try to compare all burritos with the same core fillings – cheese, egg, sausage, potatoes, and christmas style (red and green chile)
Some have additional ingredients – Bocadillos for example has peppers as well.

Also tried (a brief synopsis):

Tia Betty Blue’s • ★★★★ • this is the one that almost dethroned Bocadillos. Solid burrito with a nice size and very nice flavors.

The Burrito Lady • ★★★★ • this one…The Burrito Lady is an institution in ABQ and it is apparent why when you take that first bite. While not the prettiest thing when I pulled back the wrapping – the tortilla seemed to be homemade and the fillings were bursting out of it but a quick view of other photos showed this was common. Now, this is where I note the heads up from the menu – ‘if you like it hot’this isn’t a joke…seriously. I was unaware that they grew hatch green chiles in hell but apparently they do. The burrito was full of flavor, mostly mimicking lava but it was tasty lava. After a couple of bites it churned up a memory from my younger days in the Air Force, one day we did chemical warfare training, you went into this building in the middle of a field and inside they released tear gas, you then had to remove your gas mask and say your name and a phrase then quickly exit into the field where fresh air and sunshine await while liquid poured from your eyes and nose…this green chile did that to me. I am not going to lie, the only reason this isn’t ranked higher for me is because it was too damn hot…I’ll do it again but it isn’t the burrito I am going to crave on a regular basis. If you like the spicy, this is where you stop. Take cash and don’t expect to find a seat inside – in fact, call your order in ahead and pick it up and then go someplace where there aren’t people around to see you cry when this burrito does what it was put on this earth to do, torture people.

The Range Cafe • ★★★★ • my favorite smothered burrito thus far. Nice flavors.

El Parasol • ★★★★ • (not in ABQ, this is where hc and I stop when we head up to one of her parks near Santa Fe) – solid four star offering with a nice size and good flavors. Bonus offering: nice horchata.

Garcia’s Kitchen • ★★★ • nice size burrito served on a house made tortilla that was muted in flavor – potatoes were slightly al dente and wet which aided in watering down the flavors. Green chile was very tasty, red chile was average. Solidly average offering.

Frontier Restaurant • ★★★ • This one takes the crown for size and it was smothered. Nice flavors but nothing wowed me.

Vic’s Vittles • ★★★ • A solidly average offering, smothered.

The Daily Grind • ★★★ • Solid three star burrito – nice size, filling, and decent flavors.

Weck’s • ★★★ • Another solid three star burrito from an ABQ staple that is held back by the obscene size of it and, this is a personal preference, I don’t know that I am a fan of the smothered breakfast burrito.

The Grove Cafe & Market • ★★★ • this burrito was in a league all its own and the rating was not effected by the parking ticket I received while I was eating it. Saying this burrito is the oddest breakfast burrito that I have ever eaten is an understatement – this is the quintessential elevated hipster breakfast burrito. Sliced locally sourced sausage and goat cheese are the highlights – it was a swing and a miss in my book. I like goat cheese, I have often added it to burritos I make at home – this burrito was almost anemic and the sliced sausage didn’t do it for me. I will give it another try to see if my review was tainted after the fact by the parking ticket.

Duran Central Pharmacy • ★★ • Another huge smothered burrito with decent flavors once you got over the fact that the potatoes were seemingly mashed instead of fried – it was odd.

Golden Pride • ★★ • small and ok which is odd because they are consistently listed as the best breakfast burritos in publications, I thought they were lacking. I’ll head back to see if the one I had was a fluke.

Taco Cabana • ★★ • I went on a whim one day to try, very fast food like and sparse on the filling.

Napoli Coffee • ★ • This one was a big disappointment and I doubt that I will go back and order again. It was premade and they put it through a toaster that made the tortilla stiff – it was a nice sized burrito but ruined by the warming technique.

Chumly’s Southwestern • 1/2★ • Bocadillos moved from their Green Jeans location and Chumly’s moved in, this was a burrito that I stopped eating – it lacked in everything and was an incredible disappointment.

Twisters • (no stars, see american cheese statement above)